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The session begins with a guest speaker reviewing the how to, what to, and why to fit that session's category of lenses. Small groups of students then work with a preceptor to determine the best initial lens to fit for the patient. They then select the lens from the diagnostic set, apply the lens, evaluate the fit and vision, and fine tune the fit.

Soft Toric Lens Workshop

Soft Multifocal Lens Workshop

Each of these programs offer optometry students an opportunity to fit patients with the leading brands of soft toric or multifocal lenses. In addition to a practical hands-on fitting experience, guest speakers provide students with tips and tools for success. Educators and students alike will appreciate the generic nature of the education by attending this one industry sponsored event.

The workshops are scheduled when it will best fit into the school's current curriculum, supporting and enhancing the education already offered. The STAPLE Program brings together students, industry, and patients in a valuable, non-biased, hands-on fitting workshop.

"The STAPLE Program is unique in that it brings all the major industry players together, focusing on one thing: educating the students.  This is a huge shift from the days of old when each manufacturer would fight to get into each school to offer their own program.  The STAPLE Program has now reached over 7000 students!  I'm so proud of what the STAPLE Workshops offer, and humbled to be the lead instructor for the 100th workshop."
                                                                                                                                               Thomas G. Quinn, OD, MS

"The STAPLE Program provides great hands on experience for our students in areas of specialty soft contact lens fitting.  The STAPLE Program's effectiveness in student training can be attributed to the efficient program schedule, the expert speaker faculty, and the diversity of contact lens modality and exposure.  The foundation of this program is largely in thanks to the coordinated support from all the industry sponsors and their genuine interest in the involvement of student and eye care education.  We are happy to be a part of the STAPLE Program from the beginning and are looking forward to continue this valuable experience for our students."  
                                                                                                                        Nicky Lai, OD, MS, FAAO