New England College of Optometry

Multifocal Workshop - Sunday, February 11

State University of New York

Toric Workshop - Friday, May 4

University of California-Berkeley

University of Houston

Toric Workshop - Thursday, February 15

2018 Workshop Dates

Kentucky College of Optometry

Toric Workshop -Wednesday, April 18


Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico

Toric Workshop - Wednesday, March 7

Multifocal Workshop - Wednesday, April 18

Nova Southeastern University

Multifocal Workshop - Thursday, February 8

University of the Incarnate Word

Toric Workshop - Wednesday, March 28

Multifocal Workshop - Wednesday, June 6


Western University of Health Sciences

Midwestern University 

Southern California College of Optometry

Toric Workshop - Tuesday, June 12

Multifocal Workshop - Tuesday, September 4


Pennsylvania College of Optometry

Toric Workshop - Monday, February 19

Multifocal Workshop - Monday, March 19

Illinois College of Optometry

Southern College of Optometry


Northeastern College of Optometry

​Toric Workshop - Tuesday, May 15

Indiana University

Toric Workshop - Thursday, March 22


University of Missouri-St. Louis

Michigan College of Optometry

​Multifocal Workshop - Tuesday, April 24

Pacific University

Toric Workshop - Wednesday, May 23

Waterloo University

Multifocal Workshop - Tuesday, January 30 and Thursday, February 1

Ohio State University

University of Alabama-Birmingham